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ETECSA promotes these services and payments from abroad

ETECSA promotes these services and payments from abroad

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the only one of its kind in the country, this week promoted the services and payments offered by the company, but with payments from abroad.

from Web Officially, they indicated that their entity “provides the possibility of obtaining, paying for and reshipping various products and services from abroad.” These include the following.

– Purchasing a mobile phone line

– Purchase mobile devices

– Get bundled plans (data, SMS, minutes)

– Buy Nauta Plus

– Recharges (Cobasyl and Nota)

– Recharge the US dollar account from the MiTransfer wallet

– Pay the phone bill

– CubacelTur: Service for tourists visiting our country

Phones and mobile lines, as well as shared plans, can be purchased through the Suena Cuba online platform, in phone options, Cubacel SIM and Cubacel packages.

Other ETECSA services with payments from abroad

They also promoted that a Nauta Plus account can be purchased through authorized resellers. The landline phone bill can be paid through a specific website.

There are many websites that carry out Nauta recharges. To recharge Nauta, you will need the details of the Nauta account you wish to recharge. This recharge is also valid for payment of Nauta Hogar service fees, as long as the account is linked to the service. This transfer is made in the user portal, in the operations menu, balance transfer option.

In addition, Cuban mobile credits can be recharged from abroad, in addition to international recharge offers that take place every month of the year via various websites.

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MiTransfer Wallet account can be recharged with USD from various websites.

CubacelTur is a service for tourists who visit Cuba for a short period of time. It is a temporary mobile phone line that includes the basic package of 6 GB + 100 minutes + 100 SMS, and its validity period is 30 days from the date of its activation. It can be purchased through various websites.

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