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A private Cuban bakery offers to buy bread from abroad (prices in dollars)

A private Cuban bakery offers to buy bread from abroad (prices in dollars)

Los Cateura SRL bakery in Cuba has announced a new offer that allows you to guarantee the bread of the month with payments from abroad.

They wrote on their Facebook page: “We are pleased to announce a new offer… Guarantee the month’s bread with payments from abroad… The offers are for 30 days… so that your family gets their daily bread…”

This initiative comes at a time when the official Cuban press described the situation in Cuba Bread production From the basic family basket organized in Cuba until the end of March.

The Cuban government announced that it would implement measures such as using up to 15% extensions in bread production from the Organized Family Basket and purchasing imported flour through non-governmental forms of administration.

In essence, Guantanamo Bakery's offering includes a variety of breads and cakes at “competitive” prices, and 30-day kits.

  • Hamburger buns 80g $0.19
  • Kalb Bread 80g $0.19
  • French Bread (Hard Crust) 100g US$0.22
  • Fond Bread 500g $1.00
  • Molded bread 800g $1.50
  • Butter Biscuits (Pack) 230g US $1.00

Customers can combine any type of bread to create combos and can communicate via WhatsApp or go to the bakery located in Ahogados between 11 and 12 Guantanamo Wall.

In addition, the bakery offers the ability to include messages for an entire month for an additional cost. Payments can be made abroad or in cash at Guantanamo.

In the face of criticism, the bakery He explained That sales are maintained in the national currency and that a new payment method is added only for those who have relatives abroad and want to benefit from this offer. They pointed out that “this method guarantees bread without having to wait in line, as it is delivered to the door of the house.”

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