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The United States will provide credits for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars

The United States will provide credits for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars

Detroit Starting next year, the US government will offer income tax breaks for those who buy a new or used electric or hybrid car.

Qualified buyers, including those who purchased a Electric or hybrid vehicle This year, they had to wait to file federal income tax returns in order to receive benefits.

The Treasury Department notes that near-immediate credits of $7,500 for a new electric vehicle and $4,000 for a used vehicle would reduce purchasing costs for consumers and help dealers increase EV sales.


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Credits are included Inflation reduction lawWhich allows buyers to transfer credits to sellers, who can apply them at the point of sale starting January 1.

In addition, the government claims that people can get full credit from vendors, regardless of how much they owe to the federal treasury.

The vehicles must comply with the standards stipulated by law and the income of the buyers must be less than the stated limits.

Agents must have a state or municipal license to provide credits and must register on the Internal Revenue Service website. Officials explained that after submitting sales documents, the seller can expect payment from the government within 72 hours.

To obtain these benefits, electric cars must be manufactured in North America. SUVs, minivans, and trucks can’t be more than $80,000 and cars can’t be more than $55,000.

Used electric cars may not be priced at more than $25,000.

There are also income limits for buyers to prevent wealthy people from obtaining loans. Buyers can’t have an adjusted annual gross income of more than $150,000 if they’re single, $300,000 if they file a joint tax return, and $225,000 if they’re a family income earner.

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