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The United States has extended visa procedures for Cuban immigrants

In July, the immigrant visa process for immediate relatives of US citizens resumed. It was pointed out this Sunday by the North’s embassy in Havana. In this case, spouses and minor children are included.

The diplomatic headquarters confirmed in words, “Recognizing the importance of family reunification, we selected categories of immediate relatives.” “Safe and legal immigration from Cuba is the only way forward,” recalled the force’s senior leadership.

These words presumably refer to the mass exodus of people to the Americas by sea and land. The aim of restarting family reunification procedures is to stop the large-scale exodus of hundreds of migrants through illegal means.

A few days ago, the US Embassy in Havana announced the resumption of the family reunification program in the fall. These procedures will be carried out at its headquarters in the Cuban capital.

Interviews in Cuba since October 1st

This information indicates that the interview for this program between Cuba and the United States will no longer take place in Guyana. Neither do other countries in the region.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it has been reviewing files related to the matter since last June.

However, interviews for potential Cuban immigrants for family reunification will resume on October 1. That date is when the 2023 financial year begins.

According to official data, more than 22,000 Cuban family reunification files are pending. Everyone is waiting for the interview and final processing of their visas.

A few days ago, the United States announced that the country agreed to grant 20,000 annual visas to Cuban immigrants.

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