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A Cuban woman newly arrived in Miami loses her savings in a rental scam

A Cuban who recently arrived in Miami lost $1,300 in rent payments that turned out to be fraudulent. Number of initial entries required by the alleged owner of the room.

said a young woman named Yoni UnivisionHe lost all the savings he had brought with him from Cuba, and money given to him by friends in Miami upon his arrival in the United States.

“The little money I had when I came to the country, what they gave me and what I saved with my friends in Cuba, I gave to this woman,” said Yoni, who will start living in a rental next January. 1. August.

The girl came to know the rental details through the Facebook Marketplace app. However, as soon as he paid, the alleged owner disappeared and he was unable to contact her.

Then he went to the place where he planned to live. She saw that five other families were cheated in the same situation as hers.

A rent, fraud and police investigation is underway

Yoani noted that the home is located at 3550 95th Street in northwest Miami-Dade County.

Other fraudsters had a payment receipt, which was also fake. The case is now in the hands of the local police.

Authorities verified that the home is listed in Miami-Dade County records, but in the name of a company located in Orlando.

Marlin Llamas, an expert in the real estate business, recommends that you always make sure that the real owner of the house is negotiating to avoid this kind of disappointment.

“Anyone can list, but no one verifies the information on Facebook Marketplace.”

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According to Llamas, the safest way to rent is to hire a licensed professional and verify who owns the property on the county website.