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Apply!  What are the requirements to ‘buy’ US citizenship?

Apply! What are the requirements to ‘buy’ US citizenship?

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Many people have the dream of Live in America, not only because it is one of the countries with a solid economy and great job opportunities, but also one of the places with the best opportunities for professional development. However, there are plenty of people who want to be a part of their nation, and if you want to live abroad, especially in this North American country, there is a way. ‘Buy’ US citizenship.

There are many Countries that sell their nationality You can get permanent residence, rights of own citizen etc. If you’re interested in this option, it’s important to consider what requirements you’ll need to meet, because it’s easy, but you really have to. Obey immigration laws. This is an opportunity to obtain a popular golden visa, a permanent residency procedure that is carried out after a Investment in a foreign country.

How can you ‘buy’ US citizenship with a Golden Visa?

The person receives this international procedure permanent residence or citizenship, But there is no need to go through such a whole process green card. for that Gold Visa It is necessary to do An investment for foreigners to legally stay in the country, But get the same rights as any citizen. US officials approve Golden visa as EB-5 visa.

It’s official Investor Immigration SchemeForeigners have the opportunity to ‘buy’ US citizenship by becoming investors EB-5 visa policies, They can become citizens legally and very quickly. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled to be eligible for this golden visa, which are:

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Invest in new business ventures, Must have been established on or before November 29, 1990. It must be for profit aimed at the continuing conduct of a lawful business and is not defined as a sole proprietorship, association, parent company, business alliance, business trust or any other business entity, public or private.

You must be an investor with an EB-5 visa Invest the required amount of capital in a new venture A business that creates full-time jobs for at least 10 skilled employees. You must also meet the requirements stock investment, That means investing $900,000 in an American business in a rural area or with a high unemployment rate. Or invest one million 800 thousand dollars in another part of America. If you are interested in knowing more about each of the requirements and under what terms you can apply for the Golden Visa, Visit their official page.