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Prices in dollars and euros

Prices in dollars and euros

Official Gazette of Cuba no. Published in 48, Resolution 38/2023 renews the consular fees charged by Cuban embassies and consulates for the procedures they carry out.

The Regulation establishes that “Consular duties are charged taking into account the rates established in the Fees, set out in US dollars or Euros as appropriate”.

In this article, prices for academic documents and legalization procedures in dollars, euros and the United States.

Costs of procedures for teaching documents at Cuban embassies

1.Examination documents issued by educational centers in Cuba (for the issuance of these certificates, the following are charged at the time of delivery:

  1. a) Obtaining certificates of completed courses, research projects and thematic projects: 280.00 USD, 225.00 EUR and 280 in US.
  2. b) Obtaining graduate certificate and non-qualified title: 230.00 USD, 185.00 EUR and 230 in US.
  3. c) Other certificates: 280.00 USD, 225.00 EUR and 280 in US.

These documents, if required, shall additionally be legalized by the agencies of the central state administration:

  1. d) 100.00 USD, 95.00 EUR and 100.00 in USA for legalization.

If the requested document is to be legalized by the embassy or consular representation of the foreign country in Cuba and by MINREX, the following sections shall apply at the time of delivery:

– For legalization at the embassy: 60.00 USD, 55.00 EUR and 60.00 in the US.

For legalization at MINREX: 40 USD, 35 EUR and 40 in US.

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