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The United States has deported hundreds of Colombians - the United States - internationally

The United States has deported hundreds of Colombians – the United States – internationally

According to the network report CBSConfirmed by Joe Biden management sources, The United States has recently deported hundreds of Colombian immigrants who tried to enter the country via the southern border..

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Deported by controversial title 42One measure of President Donald Trump’s tenure is allowing migrants to evacuate quickly, accusing them of endangering public health due to the potential spread of Govt-19.

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This “express” deportation Prevents immigrants from applying for asylum and staying in the country When their cases are settled before the authorities.

Despite the criticism, Biden has continued to use policy since coming to the White House. In total, Nearly 2 million migrants have been evicted in the last two years.

Although the list already includes Colombians deported under Article 42, the majority are citizens of Central America, Mexico and Haiti and other South American countries such as Brazil and Ecuador. In fact, a large percentage of Colombians coming to the border were allowed to seek asylum through the regular process.

What is new in this case is that the United States has now chosen to repatriate them en masse and by air.

The decision was discussed with the Colombian government in March, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DSI). The government has not yet commented on the matter.

One of the reasons for the change in status on fellow citizens is the dramatic increase in the number of immigrants to the United States in recent months. Since October last year, the United States has processed nearly 24,000 Colombians, an increase of 287 percent over the full fiscal year 2021.

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In fact, the Colombians have overtaken Salvador, Venezuela and Haiti to become the fifth most important immigrant group on the border.

In February alone, more than 9,600 people entered the area, a historic milestone, according to US government figures.

The DSI did not specify whether the massive deportations of Colombians would continue in the future.

Sergio Gomez Maseru
Time reporter