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U.S. airlines are asking to eliminate the need for the vaccine

U.S. airlines are asking to eliminate the need for the vaccine

The directors of ten of America’s major airlines with international flights have made the request in a letter to the President Joe Biden To raise health-related health needs related to COVIT-19 for air travelers, “many things have changed since it was imposed and no longer makes sense in the current health environment”.

In particular, ten executives in a letter to the Biden government last night called for the removal of the mandatory boarding test (PCR or antigens) required for boarding, as well as the need to wear masks throughout the flight and even at the airport. Area.

“The burden of forcing both of them to wear masks and show up for two years has fallen on our staff, and it is a task they have not been trained to do,” he recalled, especially when they were “dealing with frustrated customers.” “, It affects their own psychological well-being.

Airlines argue for greater immunity in the United States, the availability of high-quality masks “whoever wants to use them,” the quality of the air in the cabins of aircraft and the easy access to vaccines. They tell Biden: “We urge you to do it now (to raise the bar).”

They recalled that the department supported and co-operated when the federal government introduced measures to stop COVID-19, but current data on the epidemic are “encouraging” and controls are beginning to be lifted from coast to coast. Country, for which “too much time to get rid of these policies”.

The letter was signed by top executives of American Airlines, Delta, United, Jet Blue, FedEx Express, Southwest, Alaska, Hawaii, UPS and airlines to the United States, all companies in the field of international airlines.

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Last year, more than two million passengers a day used air traffic in the United States, including domestic or low-cost airlines that did not sign the letter.

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