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Trump sued CND in 2016 for linking Hillary Clinton to Russia

Trump sued CND in 2016 for linking Hillary Clinton to Russia

(CNN) – Former U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday filed a lengthy federal lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and those involved in the 2016 opposition investigation, accusing them of plotting to discredit the then-presidential candidate and disrupt his campaign.

The lawsuit alleges that Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) linked a link between the Trump campaign and Russia, inciting “unfounded federal investigation” and “media hysteria.”

Trump did not stop tweeting during Mல்லller’s testimony 2:58

“Under the guise of counter-research, ‘data analysis’ and other political maneuvers, the defendants sought to undermine public confidence,” the lawsuit said. “They worked together for a selfish purpose: to discredit Donald J. Trump.”

A federal criminal investigation into the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia has finally qualified, leading to a number of allegations by Trump campaign allies who lied about their political efforts, establishing Russia’s interest in helping Trump in 2016, and revealing that the Trump campaign sought to exploit Russia. Interference in elections.

According to Trump, the plan is to create and leak a series of false statements to both the FBI and the media about links between the Trump campaign and Russia. The lawsuit alleges that Clinton campaign allies hacked the Trump Tower, Trump’s private apartment and the White House, and manipulated data showing the “secondary channel” when those statements were proven false.

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