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The United States has called for dialogue to avoid more deaths in Colombia - the United States - internationally

The United States has called for dialogue to avoid more deaths in Colombia – the United States – internationally

The GUS Government He expressed his “deep sadness” on Tuesday that at least 19 people had been killed in protests in Colombia these days for already withdrawn tax reform, and expressed his “support” for the administration of Colombian President Ivan Duke to resolve the situation.Conversation“.

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Deputy Spokesperson Department of Foreign Affairs D. E.E. U.U., Jalina Porter, Confirmed at a telephone press conference that “all citizens of the world have the right to protest peacefully,” but he declinedகாழ்ப்புணர்ச்சி“.

Porter also called on Colombian security officials to show “great control” in the face of protests. Washington Colombia “supports” the government in its search for a “dialogue” to resolve the situation.

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He was the leader of the Democratic Party, which chaired the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks, Urged the Colombian president to “reduce violence and make it clear that the use of excessive force is unforgivable.”

Demonstrations began in November 2019 against the tax reform announced by the Duke and re-emerged last week, a year later. International spread This has left thousands of Colombian families impoverished.

Colombians who took to the streets to oppose tax reform, if it went ahead, would have particularly attacked the middle and lower classes, due to the expansion of the tax base and tax collection. 19% VAT.

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Demonstrations do not stop despite resignation of finance minister Alberto Karasquila placeholder image, Already 18 civilians and a policeman were killed and an additional 800 were injured, the office said HIM-HER-IT In the country.

Most deaths have occurred City of KaliBut, according to the United Nations office, deaths have also occurred in other parts of the country such as Ibaho, Dolima, Pereira, Risaralda, Socha or Kundinamarka.