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"It was shocking," said Buccaneer, the EU's ambassador to the United States

“It was shocking,” said Buccaneer, the EU’s ambassador to the United States

The EU representative took the stage at the president’s meeting with diplomats and expressed his concern over the dismissal. Also, Andrew Pasols expressed concern about the physical integrity of the dismissed judges.

The country’s EU ambassador Andrew Bazols took to the stage with a meeting of diplomatic forces with President Naib Bukel to express his concern over the removal of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General on Saturday.

“We consulted with the constitution makers. (Winston) Churchill (British Prime Minister during World War II) said he had 4 different views when he met 4 economists. In this case, we did not get a different opinion, but rather the same, there was a certain amount of skepticism about the dismissal, some gray matter, but they felt that there was no doubt about the appointment because Article 186 was unconstitutional, “said the ambassador.

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At the insistence of the president that ambassadors only listen to opponents, they told the president that he had not met with anyone from the opposition, but that the ambassador explained that his advice was with lawyers.

In addition, the EU representative expressed concern about the physical integrity of the dismissed judges and considered that they had been removed without following due process.

“Beyond certainly important legal issues, there is also an image issue. How a parliament dismisses in such a short period of time. It was shocking. There could be arguments for and against. No doubt it was shocking to see how judges were removed from office without prior procedures without being able to say anything. That concern.” Reflects (in international beliefs) ”, Said Pasols.

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He also listed the countries that have expressed concern about the dismissal.

“Perhaps we are all wrong, the EU, Canada, the UN, the OAS are possible, but they are admirers of democracy and friends of El Salvador. Our aim is to help El Salvador in these matters, which is very important,” he said. Said.

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Finally, the European dignitary advised the president to deepen democracy.

“Democracy has a problem, it weakens when it is not strengthened. It is a great responsibility for him as president and representative,” he concluded.

Buckel thanked Ambassador Pasols and reiterated that he still considers him a friend of El Salvador since he was mayor of San Salvador, but the president told him that “sometimes friends make mistakes.” Denounced labeled and dismissed.

“Cabraz lied to us and told us in writing that it would not be recorded.”

The board of directors of the country’s recognized diplomatic force told El Diario de Hoi that the meeting they convened with the ambassadors of the presidency would not be recorded and that it was private.

“The Presidential Palace lied to us. They told us it would not be recorded,” the board of directors of the figures said. The meeting was recorded on Monday and aired “live” until Tuesday night.

In this regard, after the national chain, the Chilean ambassador spoke on social networks: