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After his release, Hector "El Zero" was released from Palma prison: he was immediately re-arrested

After his release, Hector “El Zero” was released from Palma prison: he was immediately re-arrested

Hector Lewis “El Zero” Palma Salsar was released by the District Judge of Organized Crime at 2am this Tuesday under a strong action at the Federal Center for Social Redaptation No. 1 “Altiplano”, who was released from prison when he was re-investigated. Arrested by the elements, and transferred to the Regino type vehicle, he was transferred to CDMX. Photo: CRISANTA ESPINOSA AGUILAR / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Famous drug dealer Hector “El Zero” Palma Salazar He was released this morning after being released by a judge from the Altiblano prison in the state of Mexico. The crime of organized crime on May 1st.

On May 1, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) formally consulted Government of the United States, Through its embassy in Mexico, find out There are some demands to hand over to the judiciary of that country Against the former leader Sinaloa Cartel.

“Once the aforesaid suggestions have been cleared, we will proceed as directed by the judge in sentencing,” he said. Reads the SRE report.

Palma Salazar escaped from prison amid a strong security device, which was intercepted by the National Guard, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and Seido.

However, due to the new arrest warrant, he will be re-arrested and transferred to Mexico City, although details are not specified.

(Photo: AFP)
(Photo: AFP)

Hector Palma Salazar was born in La Noria de Abajo in the Mogorito municipality of Sinaloa and attended only elementary school due to the poverty of his family. The crime soon came into his life In his teens he had already been stealing cars. Attracted attention Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Also known as the largest cocaine and marijuana drug smuggler in Mexico The boss of the bosses Oh The The Godfather, Hired him as a successful man in the 70s, and then commissioned him to smuggle cocaine in Sonora.

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Later, Joaquin Guzman Lora, The சாப்போ, Work Felix Gallardo In the Guardalajara cartel, therefore Became a close friend Crow, Was charged with possession of a drug for which his employer quickly retaliated.

In the late eighties, The Crow And this சாப்போ With Sinaloa Cartel, Guzman rose to leadership in the world of drug trafficking. But soon Palma Salazar had the worst blow.

In 2016, he served his sentence in the United States, but was re-arrested in Mexico (Photo: AFP)
In 2016, he served his sentence in the United States, but was re-arrested in Mexico (Photo: AFP)

The The Godfather, Is said to have ordered the killing of sons and wife Crow Palma, to whom they sent their girlfriend’s head. At the hands of Colombian narco leader Rafael Clavell Moreno of the Felix Gallardo group, the assassination removed Palma Salazar from anonymity because it created an unprecedented war between the perpetrators.

A tribute, The Crow Palma built a cemetery for his family worth $ 420,000, At the Pantheon Jordins del Humayn in Culiacக்கn, Sinaloa. On the roof is a painting of his wife and children. In retaliation, he ordered the killing of nine friends and relatives of Felix Gallardo. Some bodies had multiple blows, cranial fractures and visceral rupture.

At 58, friend சாப்போ Guzman could be released if there are no investigations other than the one pursued by the Federal Ministry of Public Works in Criminal Case 6/2018-IX. If he is already under investigation in the United States and the Mexican government does not have arrest warrants for extradition purposes, it will be notified and verified abroad, leaving Altiplano would appear to be a practical matter. Under investigation at any company in Mexico.

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