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The United Nations vaccinates its students on the science campus on the third day

The United Nations vaccinates its students on the science campus on the third day

Pamplona – The University of Navarre will start its classes in a few days with commitment to attend and more than 2,300 first-year students, who were welcomed by the Rector of the University yesterday in an online meeting, in which 1608 people participated. The center will begin vaccinating its students on September 3 in the morning, in the Simulation of Medicine Center, in the Science Building, by CUN staff. The event, aimed at national and international students, held round tables and sessions in both English and Spanish. The opening was made by Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero, who commented that, in his opinion, during the year and a half of the epidemic they had given “a good response to the health situation because the priority was for students; protecting their health” and ensuring their training”.

Importance of presentation He also highlighted the importance and continuity of attendance in this new academic year, which begins on September 1, with the integration of more than 2,300 first-year students.

In order to favor the start of the course with full guarantees, starting from yesterday, free PCR reports were performed on students, except for those with a full vaccination schedule, who had been ill in the past 180 days or had a negative PCR done in the last 72 hours. Hygienic procedures for metering, use of masks, and space cleaning were reviewed. Regarding the capacity of classes and seminars, it remains the 20-21 course (1.5 meters between seats in the classrooms).

Pablo Perez, professor of history at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, emphasized that every time a new generation of university students arrives, the university is renewed: “We wait for them with interest who knows that they will contribute something until now that we have not had.”

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For her part, Itziar Villas, Professor of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, commented on how the university prepares its students to be good professionals. “Keep in mind that our work is for others, and that’s what we want at the university for our students,” he told them. She also addressed the new students Carmen Castillo, medical student, Jorge Augustin Lutod, political philosophy and economics student, and Amaya Vismanos, bilingual student in law, business and management. They did so with messages such as “college education goes beyond the classroom,” while talking about the importance of attending classes, knowing how to organize time, and being able to participate in volunteer, sports and cultural activities.

UPNA data

25 places for new admissions more than the previous year. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the State University of Navarre will have more than 7,560 students in undergraduate studies and about 1,300 in master’s and doctoral degrees. There are 2,045 new admission places, an increase of 25 from the previous year. It should be noted that in 2021 a record pre-registration was reached, with orders exceeding 825 compared to the previous year and close to 10,000.

UN data

2300 students in the first year. Students who have not been vaccinated as of September 3 can be vaccinated at the Simulation of Medicine Center, in the Science Building of the University of Navarra. Since yesterday, they were offered the possibility to do PCR.