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The U.S. repatriated the boatmen at El Mariel to Cuba

The U.S. repatriated the boatmen at El Mariel to Cuba

The United States sent back many Cubans who had been robbed by boat at El Mariel to immigrate to the northern country. This was reported by local media in Florida, according to which part of the group was sent back on Friday.

The rest appear to be in Coast Guard custody. That is why his relatives fear that he will “come back soon”.

“The boat hijackers are in Coast Guard custody in Cuba, but relatives are in despair after confirmation from authorities that they may be returned to the island,” Florida channel USA Dev reported.

In this regard, Congressman Mario Díaz-Ballard expressed his concern about possible reprisals in Cuba. Through social networks, he indicated that he expects an adequate handling of the case by the US authorities.

Immigration to America continues, and so does repatriation

Emigration to the United States will not stop, with Cubans trying to reach its shores in different ways. This was the case when Hurricane Ian hit recently.

In early September, a group of 22 Cubans stole a government boat from the port of Mariel and headed north. The island’s border guards were unable to reach him, and they relayed information to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Meanwhile, the repatriation of Cuban rafters from the United States continued over the past week. This is stated in a statement issued by the Coast Guard of the country.

“The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Reliance repatriated 120 Cubans to Cuba on Friday after several strandings off the coast of Florida during Hurricane Ian”

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Capt. Robert Kinsey of the Seventh Coast Guard District told the briefing that the unseaworthy vessel sank while searching for 17 suspected shipwrecks.

“We can only pray that our crews find them so that their families and loved ones can rest in peace. Our air and surface crews are on patrol and alert to prevent illegal and unsafe attempts,” Kinsey said.