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Hundreds of Cubans stranded at Miami and Havana airports after flights were suddenly canceled.

Hundreds of Cubans stranded at Miami and Havana airports after flights were suddenly canceled.

The sudden cancellation leaves hundreds of Cubans stranded at airports in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Havana. Airplanes Between the United States and Cuba, Journalist Mario Bentone said on his website Twitter.

“Hundreds of Cubans stranded at Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Havana airports due to sudden cancellation of flights to #Cuba,” Benton wrote. His release was recorded with a video, apparently, in one of the US airports, where people cannot fly to Cuba.

“Officials say it’s due to technical glitches. No one believes that excuse at the time of #CubaPaLaCalle,” Benton noted. Protests in Havana In the last few days, mainly A blackout widelyIt has already lasted four days for many, but even this one It has heard many freedom fighters.

The situation in Jose Marti International AirportSimilar from Havana, according to user Yosbel Sarduy.

“I returned from Havana today, there was no contact at the airport, only my flight left all morning, and in the afternoon they checked it by phone,” Zardui assured.

For his part, a user identified as Ryko wrote, “Only American Airlines has canceled flights and is going to reschedule them. Others are maintaining their flights to and from Cuba.”

On Facebook, user Rafael Alejandro said Havana’s airport was “paralyzed by canceled flights.”

asked Greisa Ferras, a Cuban who said she was waiting for a relative In the same social network If anyone knows what is going on at the airport.

“Does anyone know what is going on at the airport that canceled the Miami flights. They say there is no power on the Cuban runway. Thanks,” Ferraz wrote.

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through the internet FlyRadar24It records departures and arrivals at various airports around the world In the US we are seeing many flight cancellations between Cuba and FloridaIt is usually carried out through Terminal 2 of the Jose Marti Airport.

All affected flights are owned by American AirlinesIt was approved by Joe Biden’s administration last September to make 13 new weekly departures from Miami to CubaAlthough those flights will begin next December, according to the Department of Transportation.

Last June, the department lifted a series of restrictions on flights to Cuba, banning flights by US airlines to nine Cuban airports outside Havana.

Then, the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken said the move “is in favor of the Cuban people and in the foreign policy interests of the United States.”.