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Esteban Gutierrez "never lied" after being appointed diplomat

Esteban Gutierrez “never lied” after being appointed diplomat

The Los Irreverentes portal revealed that he was appointed on January 25, 2022 and by order 105 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Esteban Guttierez Morales, son of former attorney Vivian Morales, is the second secretary at the Colombian embassy in Atlanta., USA. He is said to have been appointed without any legal requirements to accept the post. But the version given by sources close to the Foreign Ministry is different.

According to the portal, the son of former lawyer Morales has permanent residency in the United States and has therefore been suspended from diplomatic positions in that country. The publication warns that Guterres did not pay attention to his immigration status, which “deceived” the US government. Version rejected as “wrong” by those with direct access to information.

According to an order issued by the portal, “By special policy, they Diplomats should be appointed to professional positions and those who do not belong to it should be appointed to the embassyDue to the application of the current law, it is not possible to appoint civil servants for diplomatic and diplomatic service, fill those positions.

On the other hand, close sources Week They promised the official “never”. Concealed the status of a resident of the United States. There were always procedures for his appointment Knowledge of the Chancellor’s representatives who directly proceeded with the process before the Department of State. “They were the ones who submitted the documents.”

According to the source consulted, the situation was very clear WeekThat Esteban Gutiérrez traveled, but did not apply for a diplomatic visaPrecisely because he was a resident of the United States, immigration status usually prevents him from obtaining a visa issued to embassy officials.

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“They (the Foreign Ministry) themselves conducted investigations to find out how to grant him recognition and demanded his diplomatic status with the Foreign Office. They have nothing to do with the administration, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“It simply came to our notice then In Foreign Relations, Code 2114, Degree 15, there are no officers of the Global Plant of Diplomatic Life And to this day the embassy says they are in positions below that category, ”said the order appointing Colombia’s ambassador to Colombia, Stephen Guterres.

According to the source discussed, there was no disappointment or “lie” Department of Foreign Affairs, because the procedure was carried out by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Stephen Gutierrez He has no access to the platform of recognition such as changing his diplomatic status or misleading the authorities. The order has been issued and the functions of the appointment are clear there.

However, according to the Los Irreverentes portal, Esteban Gutierrez never informed the Colombian Foreign Ministry about the status or status of his permanent residence in that country. Therefore, he violated one of his obligations when accepting diplomatic responsibilities. Another version consulted sources Week.