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“I’m not going to jump behind you”: Police officer refuses to jump into lake to save drowning | Univision News Events

A man has drowned in the sight of two police officers who jumped into a lake in Arizona. They are not going to jump behind to save him.

The events took place at around 5:00 am on May 28 when agents from Tempe near Phoenix responded to an apparent disturbance at the Tempe Center for the Arts, located on a sidewalk in Tempe Town Lake.

At the scene, officers separated a woman and 34-year-old Sean Pickings. The woman identified herself as the man’s wife.

Can be seen in a video A security camera The woman, who was taken away by one of the officers, explained that she and Pickings sometimes had disagreements, but he promised. He did not physically hurt her.

After receiving their names, the two officers approached the man sitting on a bench facing the water and tried to start a conversation with him.

The victim had a criminal record.

Police received information from headquarters from Picking Three arrest warrants Slopes; However, they did not recommend any of them during the meeting.

However, the person began to act suspiciously, asking if at some point he could go to the fence separating the boardwalk from the water and measure it. When one of the officers asked what Pickings was doing, he replied that he was “swimming”.

“How far do you think you will come?” Asks an agent.

However, as swimming in the lake was prohibited, when the police ordered him to return, the object entered the water and swam towards a bridge.

Pickings then called for help, and after a while said, “I can not play. Oh God. Please help. Help me. “

“I’m drowning (…)”, one can ask.

“Back to shore,” the officer shouts.

The policeman, identified as “Agent 1”, responds: “Well, I’m not going to jump behind you”.

Pickings’ partner walked over and told officers he loved the man and begged the authorities to help him out of the water. “He’s all I have.” “I can not lose him, he will die,” the woman promised.

A few minutes later, the No. 1 officer is asked to say that Pickings “went down and did not return for about 30 seconds.”

Authorities did not address Pickings later, the transcript says. Authorities said the man had not swum more than 40 yards before becoming depressed and “immediately drowned and did not recover.”

The Arizona Republicans say a team from Tempe Fire Medical Rescue pulled Pickings’ body out of the water just before 11:30 p.m.

The Arizona Department of Public Security and the Scottsdale Police Department said in a statement that they have launched an investigation into two police officers involved in the incident. Currently, they have clarified that they have been discharged without pay.