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Víctor Brahiar Sánchez tenía ciudadanía estadounidense y había llegado recientemente al país

Víctor Brahiar Sánchez is a US citizen and recently returned to the country

He is a US citizen and more recently One of those killed yesterday by unidentified individuals has arrived in the country Who surprised him when he parked his car at a hardware store in the El Ponito sector, San Isitro took his life and another Of their comrades. A 20-year-old man was also injured in the incident.

The dead were identified as Víctor Brahiar Sánchez Solano and Fernando Santos Martínez, while the young man was injured. Julio Caesar Martே RodriguezHe was detained at the Tario Contreras Hospital and underwent emergency surgery last night.

According to information provided to Listin Diorio, Sanchez Solano was constantly traveling to that country, where he bought an apartment and was in the process of remodeling it. That’s why yesterday he traveled with Fernando Santos Martinez, who is said to be in charge of the work, and Marte Rodriguez, who works as a blacksmith.

Evidence told Listin Diorio that his parents were in the United States and that they would be attending their son’s funeral in the next few hours.

That person grew up in the most populous sector of the capital Emigrated to the United States, According to the data he has three police files, one of which is for assault.

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