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The U.S. Attorney's Office has asked that the appeal filed by Nicolas Maduro's leading man, Alex Chop, be dismissed.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has asked that the appeal filed by Nicolas Maduro’s leading man, Alex Chop, be dismissed.

Alex Chop was appointed man before Nicolas Maduro

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said it would dismiss Appeal by Colombian businessman Alex Chop, That supposed number Nicola Maduro, What He has been detained in Cape Verde for more than a year Following a lawsuit The Miami court should open a money laundering case against him.

Department of Justice The Atlanta (Georgia-based) Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals considers that there is no “jurisdiction” to deal with the Miami judge’s ruling in favor of Sabine’s defense, which qualifies him as a “fugitive from the justice of unity.” In the states “.

“This court should dismiss Chapin’s appeal for lack of jurisdiction,” the document from the public prosecutor’s office said, adding that the company had access EFE.

On April 1, Sabin’s defense demanded that “the order granting the fugitive’s status be revoked.” According to court documents he had access to EFE This Wednesday.

Based on the previous case, the prosecutor’s office told the court that it “does not have the authority to review the district court’s order granting a criminal defendant fugitive status.” The court’s order “not a final decision” or “co-order” is immediately appealing.

For its part, Sabine’s defense emphasizes it The Atlanta court has jurisdiction On appeal, in a document he submitted to the court this month. “This Court effectively has jurisdiction over the order Diplomacy denies immunity and this appeal should be considered”, Says security.

Saab is accused of embezzling $ 350 million from Venezuela through an exchange control system.
Saab is accused of embezzling $ 350 million from Venezuela through an exchange control system.

Saab has been detained in Cape Verde since June 2020 He was approved on March 17 to be extradited to the United States By the Supreme Court of that West African island nation.

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Last March, Miami Court Judge Robert N. Scola faces charges of money laundering He rejected Colombia’s request to change Chapin’s status as a fugitive from justice.

Sabine’s defense asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office to respond to the allegations without stepping foot in the country. Judge Scola also denied the allegations.

“Saab Moran can’t face his fleeing position His charge is as long as he is physically in this jurisdiction (USA), ”the judge assured at the time.

Chab appealed the entire Schola verdict Alvaro Enrique Pulito, a Colombian national, has been charged in the United States with conspiracy to commit money laundering and financial fraud.

Saab Moran is a fugitive”, The judge insisted in a judgment last March. He explained that one of the defendants was a fugitive. “If you deliberately avoid arrest by fleeing, covering up or having no jurisdiction”.

Saab is being held in Cape Verde on an arrest warrant The purposes of the surrender were demanded by the United States.

According to the allegation, Saab and Pulido allegedly swindled up to $ 350 million through the exchange control system in Venezuela.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between November 2011 and September 2015, Saab and Pulitzer robbed others of their illicit income and Transfer them from Venezuela to US bank accounts, which is why Washington says there is jurisdiction in this case.

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