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They have found the body of a father who drowned after saving his children in Texas

They have found the body of a father who drowned after saving his children in Texas

Texas, United States.- A Latin corpse was identified Victor Villanueva (30) In the Guadeloupe River in the state of Texas, his children were reported missing after being prevented from drowning in a raging current.

Middle stepKABB, Villanueva was found dead Monday afternoon.

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Two of the 30-year-old man’s sons were swept away by the strong currents of the river, so the father jumped into the river to save them. A 22-year-old woman at the scene, Cassandra Kendrick, Who helped Villanueva and brought the children to the mainland.

Later, Cassandra returned to the river, but lost his life as he tried to get Victor Villanueva out of the water.

Guadeloupe County Lieutenant Javier Luna said the father jumped into the water to help his children, and Cassandra saw what was happening, and the man helped his children out of the water.

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Seeing that the children were already safe, she tried to save him, but they both did not return to the mainland, and they were struck by electricity.

It was at that moment that the witnesses who arrived there called the authorities and started the search and found the two alive, however the two drowned.

Cassandra’s body was found in the river on Sunday night, and Villanueva’s body was found until the next morning.

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