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The 'traitor' shouted at the former US vice president in the Conservative forum

The ‘traitor’ shouted at the former US vice president in the Conservative forum

Miami, Florida.

Local media reported that former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence was interrupted Friday by a shout of “traitor” while addressing a conference of the Conservative Hope and Freedom Alliance in Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the screams were uttered by a woman who was taken out of the room by security agents during the incident.

Dozens of people left the room before Benz’s intervention, the most active of former President Donald Trump’s followers, to certify Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress.

On January 6, Biden’s victory certificate was issued, and the Trumpists who once stormed the parliament building to protest the “theft” of the elections that Trump had experienced were expelled from the Capitol.

After being interrupted by cries of “traitor” destroyed by other traitors, the former vice president continued his speech at a conference in Kissimmee, Central Florida, attended by Republican senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham.

“I’m a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican, and I’m proud to stand in front of you,” Pence said in an introduction.

The former vice president distanced himself from Trump after January 6, reviewed the achievements of the previous administration and criticized Democrat Biden and his administration.

According to Benz, the first 140 days of the Biden administration “promoted open borders, raised taxes, overspending, reduced police funding, allowed abortions as needed, censored free speech, and abolished our freedoms.”

“The time has come for every American defender of faith and freedom to stand up and listen to his voice to change the agenda of the far left,” the former vice president said.

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In his speech, he referred to the struggles against racism in the United States, saying that “the police do not endanger the lives of African Americans, but protect them.”

Calling the capture of Capitol one of the darkest events in American history at one time, Pence did not listen to Trump’s demands to stop the certification of Biden’s victory in Congress on January 6, prompting some of the then president’s supporters to listen. He will be “hanged.”

Former Vice President Biden has publicly stated that he has spoken with Trump several times since taking office, but also acknowledged that they are not sure they will see each other again.

Pence will be considered one of the Republican politicians in the 2024 presidential election. Trump has not yet answered the question of whether he will run for a second term.