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The sludge of the Cienfuegos refinery is used as an alternative fuel

The sludge of the Cienfuegos refinery is used as an alternative fuel

In the midst of Cuba’s fuel crisis, authorities at the Cienfuegos oil refinery, the largest of its kind on the island, have told the government press that its waste, which has been turned into oily sludge, is currently being used as an “alternative fuel” by other industries.

According to Erinaldo Perez, general manager of the refinery, they currently have a fairly stable production chain for products such as LPG, gasoline, diesel, turbines and fuel for electricity generation on the island. In addition to the oily sludge, which comes out as waste from these products, it is then used as an alternative fuel for cement kilns in that region.

With this, Perez added, the two largest industries in the province continue to operate and are of great importance to the rest of the country. According to this official, the refinery produces this waste and as an environmental responsibility must find an industrial purpose for it, which was, in other cases, sugar mills in the province.

Petroleum sludge as an alternative fuel in Cuba

The refinery specialist confirms that through this procedure, the oily sludge disposed by this company reduces fuel imports from these entities and also gives benefit to a polluted product. Plus, in the midst of current need, with almost everything so scarce, this is a pragmatic commitment.

As if that were not enough, the oil refinery Cienfuegos SA will be one of the exhibitors and sponsors at the first international exhibition to be held this year in that province, issuing advice on the alternative use of oily sludge as furnace fuel, and more.

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In 1992, Cuba signed the Basel Agreement, which aims to reduce levels of waste exchange to protect human health and the environment and in accordance with He presses Officially, with this type of substitution, the shipment of hazardous waste can be controlled and “import substitution”.