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The Science Center will revitalize the ‘Science in Motion’ program

Although almost all road parks are attached to Sinaloa Science Center outdated, abandoned or unable to function, the enterprise will reactivate the program “Science in motion”being the municipality of Badiraguato where the educational day will begin.

your boss Jose Maria Conde Uraga She stated that she is currently evaluating whether the trucks will be out of service or if there will be a possibility of some repairs, because the fact is that They are in dire straits.

Despite this, he emphasized that the said program is one of the most important that the Science Center will promote during the administration of Governor Robin Rocha Moya; This is because Target said, is that no primary education student from any municipality in Sinaloa is left without visiting this traveling museum.

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“It’s a micro-level replica of what we have in the Science Center, so now we’re in the process of fixing the rest of that program, in terms of furniture and equipment and also in getting some new stuff,” he elaborates.

The Director of the Science Center confirmed that by next week all the equipment will be available, in addition to the exhibits that will be assembled and ready for distribution to the municipalities.

Expect it likely “Science in motion” It begins at the seat of the municipality of Badiraguato and that the exact date is mid-April. Share with us that it was planned this way because Mayor José Paz López Elenes was the first to be interested in getting the program.

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How does this program work? It is that we are in our trailer, and there we transport all the furniture to the area where the mobile museum will be installed; And by agreement with the municipalities, an area with the conditions for establishing a museum there has already been established. They can be, for example, some stadiums, an auditorium, premises of the city council ”, Flour.

Konde Uraga also explained that fairs will generally last for a week in the municipalities in order to receive as many primary and secondary school students as possible; I mentioned that in cooperation with SEPyC They will bring children from all angles and communities.

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“The idea, since the program is working normally, we think it has already started in Badiraguato, is to visit two municipalities a month, one week you work, the next week you disassemble it and assemble it in the new municipality, you work for a week and the same,” he explained.

Jose Maria Conde Uraga commented on this “Science in motion” It will only be suspended during June and July and will resume at the beginning of the academic year during September. Also, it is believed that only during 2022, the idea is to reach 9 municipalities.

“We already have all the necessary infrastructure, people, everything is ready,” he said.