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The restaurant promises a peso for each employee reaction: an error occurs

The restaurant promises a peso for each employee reaction: an error occurs

in An unexpected turna hamburger restaurant in a stand complicated after launching a challenge for one of its employees for her birthday. The promise was simple: Pesos for each interaction accumulates in the post. However, the audience response was overwhelming and the woman got it More than half a million interactions.

The restaurant, supposedly located in Mexicali, is now faced with the possibility of having to overcharge the woman 766 thousand pesos, So far. to publish It was made on June 26th The deadline to complete the challenge is Friday June 30.

Chenchos Burger didn’t expect it to come

in Facebook postcalled the restaurant Chinchos Burger Congratulate your partner and mention They will give you pesos for each reaction, so you can buy whatever you want. The photo shows a woman smiling while enjoying some toast. Shows the power of the internet when you join a cause.

specify Only five days will be given to collect feedback because “they go hard”Which means the challenge will end on Friday June 30 at 7:00 p.m. Will they keep their promise?

badComments on the post are variedsome congratulate the restaurant while others indicate that they will have to sell 100 thousand hamburgers to comply with the payment. There are even those who speculate that the woman is the owner of the place.

Regardless of whether it is A real joke or darethis situation appears The power of social media. Even the restaurant has joined in Memes and jokes that arose as a result of this unexpected event.

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