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They condemn the mistreatment at the Kohly Hotel

They condemn the mistreatment at the Kohly Hotel

CubitaNOW write ~ Thursday, June 29, 2023

Through social networking sites, a Cuban family shows the mistreatment it received at the Kohli Hotel in the Cuban capital, after filing a complaint on social networking sites for the lack of complaints or suggestions for a mailbox in the facility file, and the Cuban woman was assaulted by the manager and some. site workers.

They wholeheartedly warn that this opinion will serve to avert bad times and waste of time for future clients.

A young Cuban woman explains that she went to the hotel to find out about the bowling alley’s gaming services. Everything seemed normal in the lobby until he got to the play area because he wanted to see the place card.

“As soon as I get to the bowling alley a group of shop assistants gather at the bar looking at me amazed as if they are not doing service and I have just entered in an unpleasant manner. As soon as I ask to see the letter another person bursts into the premises and in a very contemptuous manner asks me to tell him what I need I explain that I came to see the letter, he insists in a pitching tone. The Cuban explains that I can’t be there and the questions you have to ask are at the front desk, not with them.

The young woman says that she explained to the person the reasons for coming there, at the very moment a very polite waiter appeared to show her the letter. However, the boycott also tried to sabotage her conversation with the other worker.

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“While trying to get information from the waiter, the ‘intelligent’ interceptor began sampling local music, at such an adequate volume that it was not possible to speak until the waiter finally asked him to turn it down because he was trying to come to me.”

The Cuban ended her complaint saying “Today I was questioned and treated disrespectfully by a portion of the staff of the Kohly Hotel, and this is a serious lack of ethics and professionalism, much more so for a hotel as decadent as that which should worry me about gaining and retaining customers, and for its audience becoming a peddler for his offerings and range of services. An employee providing a service is under an obligation to treat all persons equally with care and high quality and not to misjudge them for personal prejudices or unfounded suspicions.”


And in the post published by her mother, the young woman responded to the official who mistreated her, as she previously explained that she wanted to file a complaint inside the hotel and there are no mechanisms for that, so she resorted to social networking sites.

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