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The Red Sox have revealed Alex Cora’s MLB future

The Red Sox have revealed Alex Cora’s MLB future

the team Boston Red Sox He was unable to achieve the long-awaited passage to the playoffs, and until Wednesday, September 27, he was in fifth place in the standings. Eastern section Subordinate American LeagueWith 76 wins and 81 losses. Alex Corathe group’s manager, had several glances over his shoulder looking for someone to blame for the disaster.

But everything seems to indicate that the Puerto Rican enjoys his secure position. according to Sam Kennedy, president And CEO to Boston Red SoxHe stated that the position of the helmsman was The insured In the specified templateadvertisements

The strategist still has another year left on his employment contract, which he plans to fulfill.

The situation has taken on an air of suspense to get out of Bloom chairteam operations manager, which may lead to insight into others “Cleanings” In search of new air, but this It will not affect To the Puerto Rican who is ordering Red socks.Esoic

Alex Cora will continue with the Boston Red Sox

“I good. “I’ll be here next year.”They were words Alex Cora.

But the situation will not be the same for the rest of the technical team members, as their places are not guaranteed.

“Right now, I don’t know what the situation is with the contract issue. Many of them have a year left, and some have options. “There are conversations happening about all of these things, understanding where we are as an organization.”He said Alex Cora on.

Veteran record boss Before Boston Achieving 438 victories and 367 setbacks, achieving World Series 2018 as the most prominent endorsement.

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Next season of MLB We would welcome a new attempt Red socks To try to improve the dull image remaining in the current tournament for the best baseball in the world. Alex Cora Army designs will once again be judged from the bench Boston.