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The rebellious gesture of Carlos III that would have unleashed his misfortune since 1953

The rebellious gesture of Carlos III that would have unleashed his misfortune since 1953

The rebellious gesture of Carlos III that would have unleashed his misfortune since 1953 (Image: AFP)

Almost a week to the culmination Charles III, news that surrounds British crown It never stops spinning.

What interests the audience now is associated with Myths About the reign of the eldest son of Elizabeth II, and even its duration in throne. Looking back at the antiquity of the monarchy, there are many beliefs that have transcended time that still define the vision that people have for the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace.

Recently, it was learned that the king was going to make a nod with a related piece of the crown, which was to rule over him Unlucky life

This happened when the heir to the crown at that time was only a four-year-old boy. Carlos was present at his mother’s coronation, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Prince Charles of England, making his first public appearance in Westminster Abbey during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: Getty Images)

In his first appearance westminster abbey, The Prince sat between the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Records showed at that time Carlos is clearly upsetIt is believed to be due to the substance that was placed on his hair to keep it in place. Pictures of that day showed the young heir with a look of annoyance.

In one of his revolutionary acts, the young prince placed his feet on the King’s sacred crown St. Edward which soon generated comments about the future to which he would be judged.

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For connoisseurs of matters relating exclusively to royalty, this was immediately interpreted as bad omen For the future king of England. the reason? Touching or wearing the crown prior to its enthronement is considered bad luck for any successor to the throne.

Carlos’ gesture, which did not go unnoticed, has since been regarded as a An act of bad luck would determine his fate.

Queen Elizabeth II returns to Buckingham Palace after her coronation in Westminster Abbey, London, June 1953 (Photo: Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

This superstition, which has years of tradition and history in the British monarchy for centuries, has generated all kinds of speculation about what would be the rule of Charles III, Good The crown is believed to have divine powers This will only be used by the king who is crowned Anointed by God.

Coronation ceremony King Charles III of the United Kingdom It will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, and it was recently confirmed that Prince Harry will attend his father’s coronation Without the company of his wife, Megan Markle. The information was revealed by Buckingham Palace where it is reported that The Duke of Sussex if he were to appear.

Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm this The Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation service at Westminster Abbey on May 6th. The Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with Prince Archie and Princess LilibetHe stated this in a press release.

This will be the first time that Harry He can be seen in public with the royal family, after causing controversy with the publication of his memoirs cut: in the shade. It has also been known that a few days after the coronation of the king Charles III, Princes Harry and William, they don’t have any contact.

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