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The prototype of the Apple-1 computer, created by Steve Jobs, sold for almost $700,000

Photo posted by RR Auction of the Apple-1 computer prototype (RR Auction via AP)
Photo posted by RR Auction of the Apple-1 computer prototype (RR Auction via AP)

a An original prototype of the Apple-1 computer from the mid-1970s sold at auction for around $700,000. It was bought by a San Francisco Bay Area collector, who requested anonymity.

founder of Apple, Steve Jobs with his partner, Stevie Wozniak This prototype was used in 1976 to demonstrate to Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop In Mountain View, California, one of the world’s premier personal computer stores.

This prototype has some minor damage, according to the announcement, including “Crack leads from the vicinity of the power source…”

“There is no Apple-1 without this tablet: It’s the holy grail of Steve Jobs and Apple memories”said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction, the home in charge of the auction.

According to the item description on the auction website, Steve Jobs and Stevie Wozniak originally envisioned the Apple-1 computer as part of a DIY kit.At a value of $40 USD.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (Reuters)
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (Reuters)

Terrel was the one who convinced entrepreneurs to convert the product into a pre-assembled PC that sold for about $666.Then he made his first major request with them.

The painting was revealed in Polaroid photos taken by Terrell in 1976, Show it is in use. Also checked and validated in 2022 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen, who accompanied the sale with a 13-page documented report.

The device also passed into Wozniak’s hands, as it appears to have been soldered to a single “Apple Computer A” circuit board, according to the auction house.

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The prototype had been owned by Apple Garage for many years before it Jobs gave it to the seller, about 30 years ago.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The piece is a . A piece of computing history and technology giant, and was considered a lost property until recently.

last year, A rare Apple-1 computer built in Jobs’ home has sold for $400,000. It was one of 200 designed by Wozniak. Another Apple-1 sold for $470,000 in London in 2020.

Few Apple artifacts can be considered as rare, early, or historical as this Apple-1 prototypewho spent many years in “the garage where Apple was born”…”, stated in the ad.

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