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The Nurse Who Sold Her Medical School Papers And Already Made Over $2 Million | stories

Stephanie Biggs is a nurse from California (United State) which caused a surprise recently. The woman made more than two million dollars just by selling her medical school papers. Yes, it’s not a joke.

website of She stated that the health professional confirmed that she began selling her notes when she graduated from nursing school. “I was studying for the board exam, what we call the NCLEX for Nursing. And it was right when the pandemic happened, so I had no one to study with. He just showed me on the wall and recorded it. Then I posted it on social media and people loved it.”confirmed.

“They asked me to buy study papers. So, I set up a shop which eventually went viral. And yes, now I sell study papers. I passed the boards a long time ago, and now I sell them to students who are approaching the board exam and sitting for the exams in the nursing school.”Always added as per the previous source.

How much do your notes cost?

Stephanie Biggs sells her notes on Etsy, an American company dedicated to e-commerce. It does this through its online store called RNExplained. “If I buy a study paper, just a monograph on one (medical) condition, it’s $2 apiece. I sell them in packs of certain categories. So the childcare package, which is the critical care package, is $30 to $40, and it includes 50 to 60 medical cases. And then I sell them all in one package…a big giant package for almost the entire school of nursing. That’s $150.detailing the woman who last year alone earned more than $2 million.

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Watch the #1 viral video here

But Stephanie wasn’t left alone with that, since she created a channel Youtube named . In addition, he has an account Tik Tok (). On both platforms, she feels free to share her knowledge of medicine. Even though she spends a lot of time creating content, she hasn’t stopped being a nurse.

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