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The new face of these actresses surprises fans

The new face of these actresses surprises fans

Sabrina Salmi and Raquel Maza | Photo: Analed Rojas – lapatilla.com

Sabrina Salmi and Raquel Maza | Photo: Analed Rojas – lapatilla.com

Self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment is the new dimension that Raquel and Sabrina show

Sabrina Salmi and Raquel Mazaknown for their work on the TV show Venevisión “Why are you laughing?”they leave behind their sensual female personalities to start A new, more human face, as mothers and imperfect women.

Written by Analed Rojas | lapatilla.com

The birth of this new episode of their life occurred at a children's party invited by Sabrina Raquel “I was surprised that she became a mother again.”Sabrina said.

In that meeting, they were able to flesh out the idea of ​​a podcast where they showcase themselves as more authentic women, “Like mothers, women, their social lives, and their children.”Beyond being sexy bombs.

In this new stage, Sabrina Salemi revealed that she has become… “Mother of the epidemic”. During the pandemic, she gave birth to two children who are now 2 and 3 years old.

“I retired from my job as an artist, comedian, presenter and model and dedicated myself to motherhood for three years.”Regard.

In this sense, Raquel confirmed this “On social media, they look at us as perfect women, and we are the most imperfect women in the world because we don't even have time for ourselves.”.

In this new project you will see what we live every day, even peeling onions for example.

However, Rak and Sabrina will also serve men because we will discuss topics of all kinds, approached in an organic, natural and straightforward way that allows them to be more authentic and express themselves freely, to connect with those women they know as such. excellent.

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Sabrina Salmi and Raquel Maza seek to reveal themselves as women Quite perfect To be able to talk about the issues they face every day, “If you have to leave people on the street, leave them. If there are things that need to be said, they should be said.”Raquel confirmed in her first episode preview.