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The meeting between Luis Lacalle Pou and Joe Biden generated a lot of interest and opened the door to a possible reconciliation.

The meeting between Luis Lacalle Pou and Joe Biden generated a lot of interest and opened the door to a possible reconciliation.

The meeting between Luis Lacalle Pou and Joe Biden generated a lot of interest and opened the door to a possible reconciliation.

President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle PouSurprised by an unplanned visit this Tuesday White HouseIn which he had a heated meeting with his partner Joe Biden.

The episode generated “great interest” in the South American country from the United States, which it praises for its “leadership in the region.”

“That’s the first thing we can say. The country arouses a lot of interest not only because of its democratic history and legal protection, but also because of its international activity, its business environment and its rules of the game in economic matters.”, commented Alvaro Delgado, Secretary to the President. A cordial relationship between the parties.

Alvaro Delgado hints at the possibility of a reconciliation between the parties (EFE)

For their part, the US executive commented, “President Biden and President Lakal Pooh also reviewed. Ways to expand our bilateral economic relationship, step up efforts to combat climate change and further strengthen security cooperation”.

Uruguay’s appeal was seen not only by the White House, but by the people “Lots of Investors” During his sojourn in the country, with whom Lacal Boo met, he expressed his desire to become one “Strategic Partners”A Uruguayan spokesperson added.

The meeting between the leaders took place in the framework of Lacalle Pou’s personal visit to New York, during which he received the gold seal of the Americas Society.

Louis Locke’s surprise visit to Poe took place during his private trip to New York, where he received the Gold Badge of the Society of the Americas – Council of the Americas (AS-COA).

However, on Monday morning, after he arrived at Newark airport, the White House was informed of the president’s presence on his land, and they said they began considering the possibility of a meeting. infobae Uruguayan government sources.

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The next day, Washington extended a formal invitation, and a few hours later, the meeting took place in the famous Oval Office.

On the occasion, Biden praised his colleague for his support of Ukraine and his defense of fundamental rights in Venezuela, according to a White House statement. Commitment to regional economic integrationAmid tensions with some neighboring countries.

And, “the president promised to study how to help Uruguay improve access to beef for the United States, which is limited by the quota regime,” they added.

However, the parties have agreed to maintain a Low profile Instead of going over the good issues discussed in an hour and a half. “Problems are better described than photographed”Commented infobae Ambassador of Uruguay.

Biden praised Uruguay’s leadership in the region and its role as a global model of democratic governance (REUTERS)

These reports have led many to think about a possibility FTAUruguay has said that in the past and it has not been rejected by the US side.

“It is in our national interest Expanding export opportunities Products made in the U.S. and grown in like-minded countries work more cooperatively,” Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and Republican Senator Rob Portman wrote in a December letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asking them to explore trade negotiations with countries on the continent.

(with information from EFE)

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