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Judge Cannon issues controversial first order to Trump’s lawyers in Mar-a-Lago documents case: What is it?

Judge Cannon issues controversial first order to Trump’s lawyers in Mar-a-Lago documents case: What is it?

In a brief order, Judge Cannon told all lawyers in the case — including Trump and his defense attorney, Walt Nauta, who is accused of being an accomplice — to contact the Justice Department for security clearances.

Cannon ordered the lawyers to expedite the “necessary accreditation process” and gave them until June 20 to submit a declaration confirming their compliance with his instructions.

The same order applies to any “subsequent” prosecutor, the judge in charge of the case, which made Trump the first former president of the United States to be charged with federal crimes, made clear.

Did Trump incriminate himself in his statements after the trial?

Special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with 37 counts of improper handling of classified White House documents.

The indictment includes 31 counts of “voluntarily withholding national security information,” a violation of the Espionage Act, and each charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Trump pleaded guilty to all charges.

Both Trump and Nauta are working to finalize their legal teams to defend themselves in the case. Several of the former president’s lawyers dropped the case in the run-up to his indictment.

Nauta’s arraignment has been postponed until June 27 because an attorney has yet to be booked in federal court in South Florida.

What are the security clearances required by the judge in case of confidential documents?

In criminal cases involving confidential documents, it is common for defense attorneys to obtain security clearances to gain access to the material.

The Justice Department’s Litigation Protection Committee provides attorneys with necessary clearances to access classified information, according to a law department fact sheet. Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

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If attorneys do not have the necessary security clearances, the case protection committee “may initiate a background investigation involving the FBI to determine whether the attorney is permitted access to classified information.”

To make its case, the government will have to share key aspects of those documents with Trump and his legal team. Although the Justice Department has not announced any immediate intentions, some may be classified as part of the case and released publicly.

Two Trump lawyers, Todd Blanche and Chris Kiss, have already contacted the Justice Department to obtain the necessary security clearances, sources familiar with the process told CNN.

The order adds more pressure to the former president, who is required by state law to include a Florida-certified attorney on his team.

The length of the process and whether the trial will take place before or after the 2024 election will depend on how well Cannon manages his schedule.

No additional dates have yet been set in the case against Trump, whose historic trial concluded Tuesday in Miami.

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