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Joe Biden accuses Eva Longoria of beating him in the White House

Joe Biden accuses Eva Longoria of beating him in the White House

Social media is on fire after a video emerged of US President Joe Biden hugging actress Eva Longoria in what many netizens described as “uncomfortable”.

Eva Longoria visited the White House in Washington DC for a screening of her film Flamin’ Hot This marks his debut as a film director. Through her Instagram stories, the star gave a behind-the-scenes account of the reception and preparation for the event.

But media attention was diverted after a video of Joe Biden congratulating her and wrapping his arms around her went viral. As the actress tries to break away, a finger and part of Joe Biden’s hand touches her breast and she pulls away.

Dozens of social network users noted that the actress’s face indicated discomfort and said, “Yes, we can!” They shout and join the crowd to try to avoid that moment.

Opinion is divided on social media between those who call it “harassment” and those who argue that the president “didn’t mean to” touch her like that. Neither Eva Longoria nor the White House have released a statement.

During his White House speech, Joe Biden said he’s known actress and director Eva Longoria “for a long time.” “She was 17 and I was 40.”

He then referred to the immigrant community: “When I think about the movie tonight, I remember courage. Many of you, your ancestors, left everything you knew to start a new life in America.”

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