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Alexander Ottola, a well-known Miami political consultant, is sued for defamation

Alexander Ottola, a well-known Miami political consultant, is sued for defamation

Known Cuban-American political consultant Sasha Trador He sued for influence Alexander Otola, Miami-Dade mayoral candidateFor defamatory actions that caused damage to his professional endeavors in excess of $50 thousand dollars.

The A four-page complaint The filing was filed in a circuit court in Miami-Dade and is based on statements Otola made on March 29 and April 5, 2022, on his “Hola Ota-Ola” program.

According to the document received by Cyber ​​CubaDuring those dates Ottola made “false, unqualified and malicious” statements seen by thousands of people through his program.

The text indicates that “defendant’s statements falsely associated plaintiff with the Cuban Communist government,” indicating that Ottola’s intent was to harm counsel’s political business and damage its reputation.

As a result of the defamatory disclosures, Trador suffered “disgust, humiliation, humiliation, public humiliation, outrage, mental anguish and loss of reputation,” the suit says.

Plaintiff’s statements include phrases such as “this woman.” [Tirador] “The Cuban Revolution has published in its program everything it says”, “reiterating the information of the Cuban Revolution, that is, it is the voice of state security” and “[ella] He started a company with the same address as a person connected to the Cuban government.

According to Trador, Otola had previously offered options to retract his defamatory defamatory statements so as to avoid legal action, but he refused.

The document concludes that “defendant’s defamatory statements were a direct and substantial cause of the damages suffered by Trator.”

The case was filed by the lawyer on Thursday Rick L. YaborTrador’s legal representative and a judge have yet to be assigned to the case.

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“I’m not going to let a recycled Fidelista stain my family’s last name, including my grandfather, who was a Bay of Pigs veteran,” Trador said when contacted. Cyber ​​Cuba This Friday.

The shooter’s grandfather Gabriel Abayaintegrated Attack Force 2506 In April 1961, a failed invasion attempted to overthrow the Fidel Castro regime by armed force.

The controversy between Otaola and Tirador has escalated in recent months through their respective appearances on YouTube and social networks, especially after the influencer announced his candidacy for Miami-Dade mayor.

“What Sasha Trador is doing is another attempt to discredit my campaign. It’s another tirade of this menopausal woman trying to attack my collection and deduct my followers, which she and her cronies have failed to achieve.” Otaola said this Friday in response to the first reports of the case.

The influencer downplayed the case: “I’m not wasting a minute of my time, I’m not going to divert a second from my focus.”

“You’re not going to be the person who’s going to lose my sleep and take a dollar out of my account,” he commented. “It’s just begun…see you in court.”

Otola immigrated to the US in 2003 through the visa lottery program. He ran for mayor of Miami-Dade Last April and intends to unravel the head Daniela Levin-Cava In the 2024 elections, he strengthened his campaign with a “tough” plan against the Cuban regime.

Last Tuesday Headed the rally for Donald Trump To protest the former president’s indictment before a federal court in Miami, he describes it as an outrage.

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Trador, 49, has spent more than two decades consulting and campaigning for South Florida judges, mayors, elected officials and members of Congress, and is a regular media voice as an analyst and commentator on local political elections.