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The Master of Social Sciences at UABCS remains a high-quality graduate - Collegiate University of Pericú

The Master of Social Sciences at UABCS remains a high-quality graduate – Collegiate University of Pericú

Recently, the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) introduced the assessment of its Master of Social Sciences: Sustainable Development and Globalization (DESyGLO) with the aim of maintaining its continuity in the National Postgraduate Quality Registry (PNPC), and obtaining highly satisfactory results.

According to the Directorate of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies of SudCalifornia’s top university, this program has maintained its “standardized” level, a very important recognition that underpins its importance and impact on training high-level human resources, in academic productivity and in collaboration with other sectors of society.

Thus, of the eleven postgraduate courses currently offered by UABCS, 9 are within the PNPC, a standard that responds to public policy for the promotion of training and research, from the perspective of the scientific and social relevance offered by the National Council for Science and Technology and the promotion of the Undersecretary of Higher Education in the country.

In the case of the Master in Social Sciences, the result responds to the coordinated work of a large university team, the goal of which is to contribute to the strengthening of the educational services offered by the university to the community.

This was announced by Dr. Placido Cruz Chavez, Head of the Academic Department of Economics, to which the aforementioned program is attached, highlighting in a special way the collective effort of the faculty, because it has allowed the achievements made so far, always for the benefit of the student body who can enjoy a degree of excellence after graduation. .

It should be noted that entry or permanence of a PNPC postgraduate degree is a general recognition of its social and scientific importance, but also allows students of school-style registered academic programs, as in the case of DESyGLO, to access time full scholarships.