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The lawyer explains why the grandchildren have a “green light” for Spanish nationality

The lawyer explains why the grandchildren have a “green light” for Spanish nationality

Until very recently, the Spanish Society for Reconciliation and Historical Truth maintained a complaint against the desire for Spanish nationality enshrined in the Law of Democratic Memory, or “Law of the Grandchildren,” as it is known in Latin America. Because a Spanish court recently rejected the challenge, we say we maintain.

Because of this, Barcelona-based lawyer Ariel Fraga explained to Diario de las Americas, Cubans, Venezuelans and other Latinos are eager to become citizens this way because the “green light” is already there to proceed. without further obstacles in that direction.

“The judgment is transcendental, especially for the sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of Spaniards, because it returns to the assumption that they can become Spaniards” to give a full life. He pointed out In your conversation.

Fraga opined that the grandchildren of Spaniards were not contemplated in the law until the instruction appeared, which some right-wing parties wanted to challenge. He pointed out that many embassies have held up these citizenship processes until the complaint is resolved in Madrid’s High Court.

Spanish citizenship through the “Law of Grandchildren”.

The lawyer in Spain reminded the interested parties that the “law” gives them two years until October 2024 to start the national process, but if the right wins this year’s general election, they will surely remove it “with all security”. .

“You should try to present cases as soon as possible so that those inside will be spared,” he stressed.

Regarding delays in some cases, the expert pointed out that in many cases they exceeded demand, as in Havana, although he explained that they would be reinforced with personnel.

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“From Miami and Havana, I have made sure that Havana in particular is reinforced. “This law is not just about the new thousands or hundreds of thousands of files, but add the remaining files that the embassy handles and the thousands of cases that come from: children, spouses, parents,” he added.