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How do I know they chose me?

This weekend, next May 6, it will be known whether or not you have been selected in the 2024 Diversity Visa Lottery (or HYPE as it is known in Cuba) for the United States. It’s important that you don’t waste time, and we provide these suggestions below.

About 55,000 people benefit from this “green card” to the United States, and a significant number of Cubans are among the lucky ones who receive visas to legally immigrate to the country each year. Come on, this weekend, fortune will finally smile on you.

If you registered last year for this raffle, or HYPE, as the Cubans call it, the first thing you’ll look for and have on hand come May 6 is your unique confirmation number that was provided when you registered on the department’s official website. State plan. Precisely these authorities remember that they have not sent any email and it is the responsibility of interested parties to enter and confirm whether it has touched them or not.

How do you know if you are selected or not? The only way to find out is to go directly to “Entry Status Verification” on the following page: dvprogram.state.gov. This selection is “luck and truth” because it is a random selection program.

When will Hype open this 2023?

We remember him from the morning of this 6th May. If you have registered for the said visa lottery between October and November 2022, you have a chance to know whether you are lucky or not. Although US immigration officials remember that this election does not guarantee your entry, you are eligible to begin the process.

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“Being randomly selected does not guarantee that you will get a visa or a visa interview. Selection means that one is eligible to participate in the Diversity Visa Program.” They said From the State Department.

If you can’t find it at this opening on May 6th, don’t fret because you have until September to keep your confirmation number and try. Once you go in and confirm you are selected, they will email you with the steps to follow.