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A 19-year-old Cuban woman says she was assaulted by the grandson of Raul Castro El Concrejo, leaving her severely injured.

A Cuban mother is alleging that one of Cuba’s most powerful men ran over her and left her in utter misery. Mario Benton with this shocking story.

Thus, fearfully, Yudelki Pena begins his testimony. This Cuban mother was chased away by Raul Guillermo Rodríguez Castro “El Congrejo”, Raul Castro’s favorite grandson.

According to Yudelki Pena’s testimony, Crab, ran over her while they were in a cab in Mayari, Holguin. The family of Cuban dictator Raul Castro has not shown his face, despite promises of help.

A 19-year-old Cuban woman says she was assaulted and seriously injured by Raul Castro’s grandson.

Raul Guillermo Rodríguez Castro “El Cangrejo” is not only Raul Castro’s favorite grandson, but also his bodyguard and one of the main figures in power in Cuba, as he controls access to his uncivilized grandfather.

He is recognized for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle, and according to his relatives he enjoys luxuries in Cuba, the island he inherited from his ancestors.

Yudelky Pena recounts the terrifying moment of the car crash.

The injured woman says that Raul Castro “hoped” she would get compensation, something that is completely false.

Yudelki Peña says he occupied a guest house, one of the houses named after Castro, and has lived there ever since, effectively abandoned by the state.

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