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The FBI arrested a man for recording with a hidden camera in a cruise ship bathroom in San Juan

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a man yesterday for allegedly recording a camera in the bathroom of a cruise ship in San Juan.

Magistrate Giselle Lopez Soler issued an arrest warrant against Jeremy Frojas for violating federal laws against “video voyeurism” and “possession of materials for the exploitation of minors.”

Confession of an FBI agent, John AcherThe prosecution alleges that Froas boarded Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas cruise ship in Miami, Florida on April 29 for a seven-day cruise.


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“Froias installed a hidden Wi-Fi camera in a public toilet on the top deck of the Harmony” while the ship was traveling in international waters, he adds. He mentions that he had it “in a part of the wall above the door which was removed for its repair.”

According to the FBI complaint, around 7:00 p.m. on May 1, “another passenger noticed the hidden camera and alerted the Harmony crew.” Then, the security forces occupied it.

FBI affidavits in federal court include photos of the small camera and where it is hidden.

The document describes how the crew located the camera’s owner after inspecting it and finding it contained a card to store recordings. He added that a review of the contents revealed that the ship’s security contained “several hours” of video files.

“Early videos show Froyas hiding the camera and adjusting the camera angle to focus on the toilet area. Froyas is seen pulling his Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max out of his pocket and using Wi-Fi to connect the phone to a hidden camera. Froyas comes out of the bathroom,” the FBI said.

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“Other videos on the camera show more than 150 people, including at least 40 who appear to be minors,” the complaint added.

It also points out that these people are “seen to use the toilet or to go to the bathroom or to put on or take off their bathing suits”.

“Froya’s camera captured these individuals in various states of nudity, including capturing video of their genitalia, buttocks and female breasts,” the FBI complaint said.

That same day, around midnight, cruise ship security interviewed Froyas, who “admitted to placing the hidden camera in the bathroom.”

The defendant mentioned at that time that when he went to look for the camera on the afternoon of May 1st, he knew that the camera had been found because it was not found.

FBI intervention followed, and the ship docked in San Juan yesterday, May 3.

The federal agent who filed the complaint said he personally reviewed the videos and said he saw minors as young as 5 years old, noting that on May 1 Froya came to “adjust the camera angle” and observed the exchange. Pictures on your iPhone.