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The judge orders the EEC not to certify Ricardo Rochelle as a congressional representative

The judge orders the EEC not to certify Ricardo Rochelle as a congressional representative

Judge Rebecca de Leon Rios C was given a temporary solution to preventAvoiding State Elections (CEE) Issue a certificate Ricardo Rochelle Nevarez As a congressional representative, he is clarifying his qualifications in a case challenging the election of a governor who resigns on charges of failing to comply with the requirements of Act 167 of 2020.

Inquiry into the case of Nelson Rosario Rodriguez, in his official capacity as Election Commissioner against Procto Dignitad. Ricardo Rochelle Neveres was seen by video conference, including Rochelle Neverez.

“In light of Section 8 of Act 167 of 2020, the court has doubts about the residence or residence status of the defendant,” the judge said while issuing his opinion. He expected to make his commitment in writing soon. He clarified that the ruling does not preclude the EEC from working on the certification process for the remaining delegates elected last May and that they may continue to receive documents from Rochelle Nevars.

“This Court warns that the Court has issued an interim injunction guaranteeing the possible punishment in this case (EEC). […] Under Law No. 167 of 2020, the EEC and the President of the EEC are instructed to refrain from certifying as representatives of the Congress in Puerto Rico, and this Court clarifies the merits of this case. CEE lawyers were expected to seek a review because they understand that the requested solution must meet unproven requirements.

The judge gave 24 hours to respond to the petitions submitted to see Rosario continue to challenge Roselle Nevarez’s direct appointment.

The last governor to resign was represented by attorney Roxanna Soto Aguilere, who said Rochelle had an incomplete election record at the time he was elected by direct appointment as a confessional representative. In addition, Rochelle Navarre could not be considered a candidate or nominee because she was not, but her election was the result of a direct appointment. He also argued that the controversy had not yet been heard in judicial practice, as Rochelle Navarre was not a candidate and had not yet been certified as an elected official, as this was an administrative matter before the EEC. Representative.

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At trial, it was determined that these were undisputed facts: that Ricardo Rochelle in Virginia had “incomplete registration” as a voter, that he had a driver’s license from the state of Virginia and had a claim to that effect on June 9, 2021.

For the purposes of the controversy that preceded him, Judge Rochelle Neverெs warned on several occasions that it was important to establish the facts according to the date of the election event. “The appropriate date for this court was the May 16 election,” the judge said. He added that the important thing is to establish whether the requirements for the post of Defendant were met on the date of the election event.

George Martinez Luciano, a lawyer representing the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) election commissioner, presented several documents at the hearing, seeking to confirm that Rochelle had a driver’s license in Virginia and was on the electoral roll by May. … The lawyer is an example of “a Capo Rojo resident cannot be elected by direct appointment as mayor of San Juan”.

CEE lawyers did not argue at this stage of the proceedings. New Progressive Party lawyers argued that the case was not ripe for trial in court. The legal representation of the commissioners of the Puerto Rican Freedom Party and the Victoria Ciudadana movement supported Rosario’s arguments and the PPT’s legal representation.

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