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Un 'hacker' dice haber logrado "controlar remotamente más de 25 autos Tesla en 13 países sin que los propietarios lo sepan"

The ‘hacker’ claims to have been able to ‘remotely control more than 25 Tesla cars in 13 countries without their owners knowing’


14 one 2022 00:27 GMT

David Colombo did not explain how he gained access to the cars, but emphasized that it was “not a weakness in Tesla’s infrastructure”, but rather “the fault of the owners”.

David Colombo, “hacker” and computer security specialist, Sure This Tuesday on his Twitter account he achieved “Remote control of more than 25 Tesla cars In 13 countries without the knowledge of the owners.

The 19-year-old revealed that he was able to remotely open the doors and windows of electric cars, manufactured by Elon Musk, turn on their radios and headlights and even start their engines and start “keyless driving”. . In addition, he indicated that he can Disable the car anti-theft system, called Guard Mode, check your exact location and see if the driver is inside the vehicle.

“I think it is very dangerous for someone to be able to remotely play loud music or open windows or doors while you are on the road. And even turn on the lights non-stop could have some (serious) effect on other drivers.

Colombo explained this in one of his tweets It is not a complete remote control, that is, the ability to remotely control the direction, acceleration and braking of vehicles. “Yes, you will probably open the doors and start driving the affected Teslas,” he said, noting that he can’t “interfere with someone’s driving (other than playing loud music or turning on the lights)” nor can he “drive Tesla cars from a distance.” .”.

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Although the young specialist did not detail how he gained access to the cars, he did say,It’s not a vulnerability in Tesla’s infrastructureBut “the fault of the owners”. He also revealed that the car company’s security team confirmed that they are “investigating” and “will send you updates as soon as they receive them.”