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Gobierno solicita inmediata investigación sobre aparente secuestro de consejero agrícola en Haití

The government demands an immediate investigation into the apparent kidnapping of an agricultural consultant in Haiti

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Haiti asked the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to order the authorities of their country to conduct an immediate investigation into the case Safe and sound release Mr. Carlos Gillen Tatis, Agricultural Adviser to the Dominican Commission in Port-au-Prince, who appears to have been kidnapped last Friday.

In a letter addressed this Sunday to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, the Dominican ambassador in Port-au-Prince, Farouk Miguel Castillo, specified that the chancellor They were kidnapped in the Croix des BouquetsAnd While on his way to Jimani.

The ambassador reported that he was formulating the investigation request in accordance with the instructions given by the Dominican Government Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez.

Farouk Miguel attaches to the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a letter delivered to the Central Directorate of the Haitian Judicial Police, with a complaint about the apparent kidnapping, and a screenshot of recent phone calls made to Guillen Tates’ phone.

These letters were sent at the request of the Haitian authorities. The Dominican Ambassador confirms that the request for the release of the Dominican Chancellor in good and proper is covered by Articles 25 and 26 of the 1961 Vienna Convention.

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