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The giant field opened in Las Vegas with a U2 concert

The giant field opened in Las Vegas with a U2 concert

The ball turned on its outdoor lights for the first time on July 4 and opened its doors on Friday, September 29.

Sphere, a massive space that promises to redefine the world of entertainment, opened over the weekend in Las Vegas.

Located next to the famous Strips In Nevada City, it is the largest spherical structure in the world. It is 112 meters high, more than the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben, and 157 meters wide.

After a two-year delay in construction due to the Covid pandemic, the field It opened its doors On September 26 at a U2 concert.

The Irish rock band will perform “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” – a tribute to their 1991 album – for 25 dates through mid-December.

U2 at Saphir Las Vegas

U2, the famous band that opened the field, has nearly half a century of history.

Sphere will also be screened on Friday, October 6 for the first time by the famous New York director Darren Aronofsky (known as “Black Swan” or “Whale”, among others) was designed specifically for this audience and incorporated all available technologies to create An unprecedented immersive experience.

“It’s a sci-fi journey into the depths of our future,” the director said. Postcard from Earth (Postcard from Earth), the film that will be shown inside the sphere for at least a year and a half.

BBC Mundo tells you 4 facts that explain the size of this new entertainment temple:

Domain las vegas

The internal screen has a resolution of 16K.

1. LED screen with an area of ​​54,000 m2, which is the largest in the world

The outer shell of the ball is fully illuminated by an LED display 54000 m2Its surface area is equivalent to about 8 football fields.

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It contains 50 million LED lights, which will be lit every day and night. It was lit for the first time to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

The indoor screen, which showgoers can see inside the ball, has an area of ​​15,000 square metres

With 173 million pixels, it is the highest resolution display in the world. It extends from the ground to a height of 76 metres.

A company from Zaragoza, led by architect Miguel Montgeville, was behind the design and engineering of the two displays.

Las vigas

A photo of the inside of the ball during a U2 concert.

2. Capacity to accommodate 17,500 attendees

This is the capacity of the hall, although it can receive up to 20 thousand people, if the standing audience is included.

10,000 seats are equipped with touch technologyThat is, they can vibrate to make the assistant tangibly feel what is happening on the screen. They can also create wind, temperature and odor effects.

The Las Vegas Domain is under construction

Business has come to a complete halt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. About 167,000 speakers

Sphere sound is designed using a technology known as Wave Field Synthesis, which uses a large number of electronically controlled speakers such that their waves produce interference A very similar audio experience from anywhere in the room.

Some of those attending the inauguration also reported that the sound insulation is surprising; That is, outside the room you can hear little or nothing of what is happening inside.

Las vigas

Attendees of the U2 concert were able to live an immersive experience.

4. At a cost of 2.3 billion US dollars

In 2019, the total cost of the project was estimated at US$1.2 billion.

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However, some design changes, the crisis in the supply chain that occurred as a result of the pandemic and increased inflation in the final section of construction They ended up nearly doubling their investment in Sphere.

It is the most expensive arena in Las Vegas, even above Allegiant Stadium, which quadruples the capacity of the Sphere.

Domain las vegas

Las Vegas receives about 40 million visitors annually.

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