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The Guzmán-Pinal clan reeling after a serious complaint of sexual abuse by Frida Sophia to her grandfather

The Guzmán-Pinal clan reeling after a serious complaint of sexual abuse by Frida Sophia to her grandfather

Left to right: Frida Sophia, Alejandra Guzman, and Enrique Guzman.Acquire photos

The revelation of model Frida Sophia this week about her family caused the Guzmán-Piñal dynasty to shiver again. The 29-year-old has accused her grandfather, Mexican singer and actor Enrique Guzman, of sexually assaulting her since she was five years old. “He touched me,” he burst into tears in an interview on the show The moment my fate changedBy Gustavo Adolfo Infante. A confession that includes Guzmán’s mistreatment of his ex-wife, Famous actress Sylvia Piñal, Unleashed a series of cross accusations between powerful clan members in Mexican businesses.

Frida Sophia, daughter of Latin American song star Alejandra Guzman, identifies her grandfather as “a disgusting and extremely offensive man” who “always” scared her. “What he did to me is a crime. The most disgusting thing is that when you are very young and they tell you that this is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter that he loves her, at that age you have no idea or conscience, and it becomes normal,” he reveals. Mexican socialite, Thursday legal proceedings against Guzmán. Through tears, he tells of the shame he felt from the abuse: “What a disgusting thing, but sometimes he really starts to feel rich because they touch your private parts. That’s why I kept silent about it because I said, ‘So, am I sick or not? Matter? “

Enrique Guzman, 78, denied the story and accused his granddaughter of needing psychiatric treatment: “I’m not a degenerate. I’m a gentleman.” Although he initially threatened to sue Frida Sophia, other family members have denied that he would finally do so. Alejandra Guzmán released a video statement defending her father from her daughter’s complaints: “It is very sad to see my father because of what is happening because I am also subjected to these unfounded accusations, which are not fair and I am offering Frida to fix this in the best way to find a therapist. good “.

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Mother and daughter have always been separated in a complex history that includes drugs, fights and abuse. Frida Sophia confirms that she has never known the side of Alejandra Guzmán’s mother, who she considers addicted to “all drugs” and even accuses her of sleeping with her partner Christian Estrada or throwing bottles at her. Alleged Queen of Rocks from Mexico On its history of surviving miscarriage, depression, cancer and dozens of operations.

Frida Sophia confirms that her mother used narcotics in front of her and that she had sex with men in the same hotel room in which she stayed during the tours, from the age of five to eleven. Those encounters with Guzmán ended on several occasions, according to the young model, in these men being mistreated towards her. “It started happening to me again with the men my mother knew and took them to the hotel room. When she was sleeping or unconscious they would touch me. Someone raped me,” she reveals crying.

After her mother rejected these stories, Frida Sophia uploaded her copy to her Instagram account, where she gathered 1.6 million followers. There he posted a harsh statement: “Mum, it saddens me to see you go on casting when you know exactly who it is. You know he raped and punched my grandmother, I cried over the idea of ​​her purple eyes, pulled his teeth toward you, and he’s always offended you.”

The young woman posted a video showing Guzmán confessing that his father had beaten Sylvia Piñal. The 89-year-old actress and theater pioneer, Consecrated as a muse to Luis Buñuel One of the most important interpreters in Mexico, she has broken her silence these days. I am not indifferent to what is happening inside my family’s bosom. Frida, your grandmother loves you so much. Pinal wrote, asking his granddaughter to be far from the means to solve this situation.

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Frida Sophia, who said she was so proud of the courage to finally speak out about the abuse, confirmed with her that the chain of silence was broken. “As much as it drives me crazy as many relatives of the victims do, their only answer is that they suffer from mental problems,” he wrote on his networks. Mexico is the OECD member country with the highest rates of child abuse, with 5.4 million cases per year.

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