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The flag after the referendum

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Hello, welcome to the new version of the news Grow yourself from The Counter, with the most relevant science and culture occurred in recent days. It’s September, an intense month for Chile if ever there is a month, with spring and other weeds coming in.

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1- RAMÓN LATORRE NATIONAL AWARD: “Knowledge is the only thing that has added value”

To talk about what will come to science after the referendum, I interviewed two of the most prominent scholars of our country: Mercedes Lopez, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences and Academician of the University of Chile, and Ramon Latorre, National Science Prize and Director of the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center in Valparaíso.

  • Professor Lopez highlighted the role science plays in proposing a new constitution in the face of the Magna Carta of 1980,To illustrate how the role of research has changed in recent years, while Moallem, besides highlighting that the world can fill a stadium today – referring to astronomer Jose Mazza – emphasized that the COVID virus and all its consequences illustrated the importance of science in our society, which, in his opinion, It has to be more than an extractive science if it is to go further.

  • To see the rest of his reflections, I invite you to visit the video with the full interview to be released on Sunday.

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two- Why doesn’t the English language contain gender?

Credit: BBC

All those who have learned English as a foreign language know that one of the things that makes learning English so much easiere, is that there are no articles for masculine or feminine, as nouns do not have a gender either, and that the famous word “the” also works with the plural.

  • Good , BBC Posted this week great article To explain how it happened, because in Old English there was a gender. He did it for the Hay Festival Querétaro, a meeting of writers and thinkers taking place through September 4 in Mexico.

  • Among other facts, according to the memo, he conspired to bring four peoples of Germanic origin to the island of Englandaround the year 500 (that is, Jutes, Angles, Saxons, and Friesians, from northern Germany and southern Denmark), who then had to standardize their languages ​​so that they could communicate with each other, a process that was repeated with the arrival of the Vikings in the year 1000.

  • They all had many words in common. For example, “summer”, which in German is “Sommer”, in Swedish “sommar” which is standardized in English as “summer”. According to linguists, although the same word can have one gender in one language and another in another, the islanders finally chose a common article, among other things.


3- Cecilia Vicuña shines in New York

Credit: Daniela Aravena

Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña never ceases to please our country. After being awarded the Golden Lion as the first Latin American woman at the Venice Biennale, she is now the subject of an extensive article in The New York Times.

  • The note mentions his childhood in Florida, his delirium in UP, his exile in London and Bogota before his arrival in Manhattan in 1980, Where he lived 42 years at the same time the atticAnd little by little he left the marginal circle to be able to sell his portrait of Karl Marx to the Guggenheim Museum itself, where he held his first solo exhibition in the Big Apple, until next September 5.

  • All this, while preparing for an installation at the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London, On the other side of the pond, with lively work—poetry, film, and fabrics—focusing on the destruction of the environment, on patriarchy and indigenous peoples.

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4- Polio returns to the US due to anti-vaccines

The phenomenon of anti-vaccine, coming from afar, permeates all political colors and generations, As explained by the epidemic. Unfortunately, many leaders of these movements and/or their relatives died because of them, at the hands of COVID, in the latter case.

  • ok diary The guardian This week it revealed a combination of vaccines, a mutated virus and a vulnerable population They plotted to bring back polio, a crippling disease that was eradicated in North America in 1979.

  • One case was discovered in New York in June An investigation revealed that hundreds of people had already been infected. It is, yes, a new type of the original virus, currently only found in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The outbreak of the disease contributed to the suspension of polio vaccination campaigns during confinement.


5- Discover ‘Super-Earth’ 100 light years away

World news was: An international team of astronomers has announced the discovery of TOI-1452 b, an exoplanet located only 100 light-years from Earth in the constellation Draco, which could become the best candidate so far for a water-covered ocean world.

  • This result is great news for those who believe that at some point we will have to leave our planet. – due to environmental degradation and climate change – in search of better prospects on other planets for survival.

  • according to Dr..the possible exoplanet “ocean”, Orbiting a star in a binary system, it wouldn’t be too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist on its surface and could even support extraterrestrial life.

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According to scientists, its size and mass measurements – slightly larger in size and mass than Earth – indicate a density profile corresponding to a global liquid ocean, similar to some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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And now say goodbye until next time. And remember that no matter what happens on Sunday, life goes on.

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