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The father hands his son over to the deputy to participate in the fighting

The father hands his son over to the deputy to participate in the fighting

A father hands his son in front of the deputy for participating in a fight. Photo: video capture X via @RuidoEnLaRed

The father of a teenager who Participated in a school battle in Sonora He handed his son over to the Public Prosecution to clarify the facts, as a minor was injured with a knife.

On September 23, a fight occurred between young people at the Center for Baccalaureate Industrial and Service (CBTIS) 40, located in Guaymas, at the time of departure of the morning shift.

Many videos began to spread on social networks showing how VYoung Aryans kick and kick one goal On several occasions, they even threw his backpack; You can even hear someone shouting: “Send him to see!”

Later, the Sonora state prosecutor’s office issued a statement providing details of how the conflict began: “It all arose from a fight between two young men, one of whom was seriously injured with a knife, and the same thing happened to another minor.

They pointed out that “as soon as they noticed what was mentioned above, the injured person’s friends rushed towards the person who was still carrying the knife to beat him, pictures that spread on social networking sites.”

The message indicates this Both teens were taken to the hospital. One of them was seriously injured. It also reported that four minors, two 15-year-olds, one 16-year-old and one 17-year-old, were arrested and admitted with the assailant to the Institute for Treatment and Application of Measures for Adolescents (ITAMA).

In the recording that is now circulating on the networks, andThe father of one of the participants states that he is taking his son before the public service“They are asking for this, and I am making this video so that they know that my son is not running away, as I said in the comments.”

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“The other thing I would like is for parents of other young children to come together and, even if they talk to them, tell them the truth about how things were because they don’t know.” His statements do not fit anything“They do not fit the facts in the videos, which many have already seen, because they are the ones who joined CBTIS,” the man continued.

Additionally, he commented that it is a bit complicated to take a loved one in: “With pain in my heart here I bring my son to hand him over to public serviceBecause they ask for it and I bring it here. “I hope and trust the authorities that they will do a good job as they were saying before.”

“It hurts me as a father, but he’s asking for it, and I hope this can be resolved, and this problem will be resolved. I want my son to continue studying. It’s not fair for this to happen. I can’t believe that based on the lies and everything they said, how far I’ve come “Things.”

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