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The end of the chain with Amazon reduces the collection of rights to Sergio Ramos’s images by 78% | comp

Sermos 32, the company with it Sergio Ramos, a football player in Paris Saint-Germain, who manages his image rights in Spain, which led to a significant decrease in his income and earnings during the 2021 financial year, as evidenced by the annual accounts that have just been filed with the Commercial Register. A year marked by his departure from Real Madrid and his arrival at the French club took place that summer.

Sermos’ income was 32 million euros at the end of that year, 78% less than in 2020. Therefore, this company He paid out nearly 4.5 million, a career record. It should be borne in mind that the 2021 financial report covers from January 1 to July 6, 2021.

An amendment to the statutes dated August of that year modified the closing date, which coincides with Ramos’ march to Paris. At the end of 2022, a new legal change reinstated December 31 of each year as the fiscal year deadline.

His move to Paris is relevant, because by establishing his hometown there, the income from image rights he now generates is taxed as a PSG footballer, and he does so as a natural person. In his Madrid years, he billed them through Sermos 32.

Despite covering just over half a year, the decline in business is also explained by the end of the agreement that Ramos signed with Amazon to shoot two documentary series, broadcast on the Prime Video platform.

This alliance cleared the record of 4.5 million in 2020. The first series, titled El corazón de Sergio Ramos, premiered in September 2019. During 2020, the second series, The Legend of Sergio Ramos, premiered in March 2021.

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The bulk of the revenue generated from this agreement was recorded in the accounts of this company in 2019 and 2020. Between them, Sermos 32 added a turnover of 7.7 million. 3.2 million income in 2019 represents a jump of 38% compared to the previous year.

This is the main reason for the decline in business in this subsidiary, which is the head of the other companies that make up the footballer’s business conglomerate.

His move to France also had a recent derivative, which is none other than the appointment of his mother, Francesca García, as joint manager of Sermos 32 while the footballer is still based there. Until January this year, Sergio Ramos appeared as the sole official.

Net profit for the year was €37,500, 91% lower than in 2020. Sermos 32’s balance sheet reflects an increase of close to €10 million in the ‘Contributions of other partners’ section, to a total of €65.6 million. According to the sources that were consulted, these injections finance the activities of the rest of the companies affiliated with this company.

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