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Las 8 claves del bienestar en las empresas

The eight keys to corporate well-being

Companies that truly care about you Good From its employees allocate resources to initiatives, constantly listening to the worker and understanding the relationship between people’s health and work.

Focus on people’s welfare It is more than a good attitude of the company towards its collaborators, it is really a business strategy that can affect the results of the organization and, accordingly, its profitability. In addition, it helps retain and attract talent, avoiding leakage of key profiles.

In the view of Alma Lagunas, Managing Partner of Karan Consulting Group, a company that truly focuses on employee well-being, and cares about both Physical and mental health.

“If you don’t have a healthy person, it is pointless to sleep well, eat healthy food and exercise, if you are emotionally damaged, do not focus, make mistakes, do not serve clients well and do not have the motivation to participate, innovate or suggest.” You wake up with no intention Do things and go to work only because you have to go,” the specialist explains.

According to Willis Towers Watson, 68% of companies operating in Mexico expect a negative impact of the pandemic on performance of your collaboratorsIn the next six months. “Stress and mental, physical and financial health – the latter being the most serious problem of the past six years – have become the major challenges for the workforce,” the company highlights in Diagnostic Wellness Survey 2021.

The challenges the pandemic has left in workers’ mental health have a direct impact on business. This is why caring for people is more important in the current context.

Alma Lagonas considers that the great challenge for companies is not only to adopt healthy strategies with different practices and services, but the challenge lies in Listen to collaborators To provide them with the benefits they truly value.

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“If you want a return on investment, you have to ask people what they need,” he asserts.

According to Karan Consulting Group, Characteristics of a company focused on wellness Son:

  1. Caring for people’s physical and mental health
  2. Active listening to workers
  3. They have a variety of specific benefits and practices
  4. Benefits are determined based on workers’ needs
  5. They dedicate, at least, 6% of the profits to solutions and actions for the sake of well-being
  6. Leaders know their team and encourage the use of benefits
  7. They have a healthy work environment
  8. They have specialized certifications

Alma Lagunas confirms that the organizations that go into their DNA take care of peopleThey tend to have a happier workforce, committed to work, willing to collaborate, and with a sense of responsibility. In addition, turnover decreases and retention and productivity increase.

A company that has a genuine interest in the well-being of its human capital sets an annual budget for actions and benefits that help improve the health of its workforce, encourages leaders to use these solutions and the employee takes advantage of the opportunities the organization provides, specialist details.

Karan Manager ensures that the business with focus people’s health Tend to continually grow and deal better with crises.

According to the study Well-being and its impact on employee performance From Global HR and GOintegro, the biggest difficulty in implementing health initiatives is the lack of budget, at least 78% of companies At the global level it is seen as such.

pillars of well-being

in your e-book Well-being at work: 5 keys to successMino asserts that organizations should be involved in the health of their collaborators because of the physical, mental, or financial effects they may have Impact on productivity Hence in business.

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However, the success of wellness depends on five columns Must be present in workplaces: happiness, inspirational and responsible leadership, inclusion, resilience, and digital culture.

that’s it Actions focused on well-being Which the company must implement for each of these aspects:

1. happiness

  • Talk to your collaborators about what they like and the activities in which they find the most job satisfaction to put them in the position that best matches their talent.
  • Ask about the personal and professional goals of your collaborators and find a way to help them achieve them from the organization.
  • Monitor your environment and identify areas of opportunity for improvement, and always think about how it aligns with the organization’s values.
  • Develop activities that promote a sense of belonging and community.
  • Remember that building an organizational culture of mutual support is more important than building an office with amenities.

2. Inspirational and responsible leadership

  • Develop a common and inspiring goal and find a way to translate it into different languages ​​that relate to every level of the organization.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations from your collaborators and be sure to provide your feedback in a timely manner.
  • Show consistency between what you say to your collaborators and your actions.
  • Take the time to get to know your collaborators personally and build mutual trust.
  • Take your responsibility as a leader in the face of successes, but also in failures and transfer the same responsibility to all of your collaborators.

3. Inclusion

  • Remember that the best gender perspective is parity.
  • It supports women in their professional development while taking into account their individual needs, but without perpetuating their gender roles.
  • Don’t ask about age or gender in your hiring processes, let work experience and skills speak for themselves.
  • Consider how you can adapt your workspaces and activities to make them accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Cultivate a culture of acceptance and pride without pressuring your employees to share their sexual preferences or gender identity with you.
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4. Flexibility

  • Talk to your collaborators to better understand their individual needs.
  • Remember that benefits and compensation should help achieve the personal goals of your employees, not the goals of the organization.
  • Develop benefits and compensation packages that are adapted to the realities of each of your collaborators
  • Plan your projects based on goals, not timelines, to enhance self-management.
  • Create work schedules that allow your collaborators to achieve a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

5. Digital culture

  • Take advantage of tools like automation and artificial intelligence to reduce operational work and focus your efforts on business relationships.
  • Looking for a way to make the organization’s operations transparent through digital tools and platforms.
  • Create Programs skill refinement To provide your collaborators with the training they need in digital matters so they can continue to grow within the organization.
  • Be patient and understanding with employees who do not have digital skills or are afraid to acquire them.
  • Develops strategies to unify the various areas of the organization through digitization in order to foster new business models.

The professionals Mino consulted agree on this epidemic It has “irreparably changed” the world of work and especially the concept of well-being, which means challenging human resource areas to understand the new needs and influences that the workforce may have.

Source: The Economist MX

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