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The effect of good health on work productivity

The effect of good health on work productivity

Well-being represents a new model that aims to improve the user experience and professionalism in health centers, By contributing to non-care services. This concept of 'well-being' ranges from the quality of the patient's work and recovery environment, through to the training and development of healthcare and non-care staff, as well as the physical and emotional health of health professionals and, of course, to healthcare workers. -The presence of patients.

Although non-care services may have been viewed as secondary or ancillary, partly because they are activities supporting the main activity, they are a set of practices that are crucial to the smooth running of any health centre. So, the Cleaning, engineering, architecture, design, maintenance, in-house logistics or waste management servicesamong other things, they end up having a direct impact on the quality of care provided, because they contribute to the creation and maintenance of safer, more comfortable and efficient spaces.

To enhance this well-being, work environments must be more pleasant and humane, which improves the patient experience, as well as the motivation and performance of workers in these centers. To achieve this, we must strengthen A strategy that begins with planning to build health centers Or with existing transformation.

This approach involves considering factors such as Planning spaces, lighting, ventilation and incorporating elements that humanize the environmentwhich promotes closeness and empathy towards the user, through resources that transform the culture of health services into personalized assistance, focusing on the needs and maintenance of emotional health of patients and their families, as well as care and non-care professionals.

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In this context, enhancing the motivation of non-care staff is essential. For this reason, initiatives must be launched aimed at providing them with a more comprehensive vision of their work within the system and enhancing their effectiveness through specialization. next to, If non-care services professionals become aware of the importance of their work The impact their intervention has on the patient's recovery will promote a better work environment and reinforce purpose as an essential component of their work performance.

This improvement in motivation of non-care workers can be based on three specific actions. First, through workshops and training courses in which healthcare workers participate, let us convey to them the importance of the work they do in the health sector value chain. This is how they appear Non-care work contributes to patients' recovery, improving families' stays, and improving care processes.

The second action will focus on Enhance their education and training to facilitate their professional growth in this field. Finally, the third action will focus on creating multidisciplinary teams that include non-care staff in continuous process improvement. In short, the participation of all team members, regardless of their role, in decision-making and problem-solving can positively impact the overall performance and efficiency of a healthcare center.

In this sense, there is an increasing need to create A strategic training plan that includes and improves the integration of non-care staff into the systemOptimizing resources and increasing efficiency in operations. In addition, this approach will help them feel part of the team, which will boost their commitment, motivation and thus productivity.

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By all accounts, health and wellness not only has a positive impact on medical care and the patient experience; Essential for the motivation and productivity of non-care workers.

Create enjoyable environments, promote interdisciplinary training and team integration They are essential steps to achieving a more efficient and satisfying health system. Investing in health well-being is an investment in a stronger and more sustainable health system and is therefore a necessary boost to ensure its momentum in the medium and long term.